Craig eade

Principal Solicitor

Advocating for the interests of Aboriginal people has been an abiding interest for Craig Eade since he was a law student at the University of Newcastle. Craig's passion for equity, initiated a successful campaign to establish the inaugural position of Indigenous Representative on the University of Newcastle Law Association Committee. His passion for Aboriginal people continued during his internship at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), where he authored the policy guideline now used by AAT employees working with Aboriginal people. His high-level performance and devotion to his Aboriginal values during his cadetship at Legal Aid enabled him to obtain a position as a solicitor at Legal Aid’s Newcastle Office, where he then implemented the Indigenous Placement Program. 

Craig continues to advocate for Aboriginal people in both policy and legal aspect; his high motivation and active involvement in addressing Aboriginal student needs at UON was recently recognised by his appointment as a member of the Newcastle Law School Advisory Board. Craig is also Appointed to the Legal Aid Family Law, Care and Protection, Criminal Law and Civil Law panels. 

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