Criminal Law

Resolve Criminal Defence Professionals

Our Criminal law professionals will provide you with legal advice for any criminial or traffic offences you may be facing. We will provide judgement-free legal  support to prepare you for your appearance before the court and we will work to obtain the best possible outcome. It is essential that you understand your options, rights and obligations. The court process can be intimidating and confusing, our legal professionals can help you every step of the way offering you detailed advice and representation. We can handle all areas of criminal law, including:

  • Traffic and vehicle offences in Newcastle and the Hunter – exceed the prescribed content of alcohol (drink driving), drive while disqualified or suspended, drive without a licence, other driving offences
  • Acts intended to cause injury – including common assault, serious assault resulting in injury, stalking, serious assault not resulting in injury
  • Theft – including theft from retail premises, receiving or handling the proceeds of crime, theft of intellectual property
  • Illicit drug offences – possession, cultivation or dealing in illicit drugs
  • Property damage – graffiti, fire and explosion
  • Dangerous or negligent acts endangering persons – driving under the influence of alcohol or other substance (DUI), dangerous or negligent driving

How we charge - for criminal law matters we will negotiate a fixed fee, so that you can confidently more forward without fear of hidden expenses. Contact our office today to discuss your matter.